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I have a background in theatre design where I focussed on making intimate landscapes and costumes from diverse materials like lead, flowers and latex to convey the emotion of the story. In my present practice I still work by selecting materials that instinctively reflect the theme of the piece, creating 2D and 3D works and installations, often relating to clothing or the body.

Although often driven by a need to explore a presonal experience, I also want to spark recognition and reflection in others, to create stories and journeys.

Within this context I let the materials guide my process, working organically, often enclosing and layering materials, drawings, stitch and printed image, adding and removing elements until the piece feels complete. My work is sculptural and sensual, often made to be touched and examined close-up as well as relating to the space it’s presented in. 

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You can also visit my website to see more examples of my work. Thanks!

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